Pallet Media Tower or TV Stand

 Element furniture that more enjoy in your media room and family is only the console table of means, which have a visualization image, can store their means of communication and also to store their books to read in another time ! ¡If an array of all means is a necessity in your media room and this DIY blade media array with shopping cubes has a perfect look serenity design of a cada lover casero! ¡Viene with front section function which has pigs of storage cubes to store separately sus libros y medios! Contains a large cover for the sostener with safety LCD TV with art pieces with charm to su around!

De acuerdo con sus demands diarias of furniture of storage that ocurren, this piece hecha a mano also also use the tree of hall of bricolaje with some options of storage fresco! No malgastes in time and spare parts. The paint is very useful to create a modern look and the wooden barrel can change with the sleeve so that coincida with the field house or cabin style-style furniture trends!
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