Georious Kitchen Cabinets Using Old Pallets

We all have different ways of building homes with different rooms and different interior spaces, creating a great demand for custom furniture designs to organize large indoor spaces or short space! Now we are here to show you how you can get or build custom furniture for free! Wooden pallets and the design of your custom furniture elements from them as your kitchen island DIY pallets with a large storage space below! Comes with a confined side cover and looks fabulous in this rustic wood look!

Make a paddle disassembly and tear all paddle boards to get the desired amount of individual lengths of wood! Once separate wood lengths are separated you can build anything with them easily and also the kitchen island! The bottom is the same as a box with the interior shelf and doors have been installed to hide everything! Add this table paddle in your kitchen for fast food preparation and also to store the size of the kitchen! Use paint or stain to get a better modern look of it if you are not satisfied with its rustic look of wood!

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