Glorious ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture Ideas

There are lots of ways you can use pallets and turn them unto something original, original and very useful. Here are some examples that might help you. Feel free to improvise and don’t forget to use your imagination.

Outdoor Daybed and Pallet on Casters Coffee Table

This particular table was made using 2 – 4′ x 4′ wood pallets, 1 – 4″x4″, 4 caster wheels, some L-brackets and screws and gray stain. The result is a very practical outdoor rolling table that can act as a coffee table when you’re sitting outside, interacting with your friends or family, or as a mini dining table when you need a snack and you want to enjoy it outside.
pallet coffee table
Here’s an extremely simple coffee table that was made of two pallets stacked one on top of the other. Then some casters were added and it was done. It’s a perfectly usable coffee table, with a rustic look. It also comes with a very practical shelf for things like books, magazines or anything else you might want to store there. You can paint the table in any color you want.
pallet bench outdoor
Here’s another version of a pallet coffee table. This one is still simple but it has a more modern look. It’s also made of wooden pallets and it also features four wheels that you can find at any hardware store. In order to make the table more appealing, a glass top has been added.

diy pallet furniture
turn pallets into a backyard deck
wood pallet photo display

pallet furniture
Amazing Pallet Side Corner
pallet table
Glorious Pallet Coffee Table
pallet coffee table
Fantastic Coffee Table top Glass
pallet glass table
Mini Coffee Table
pallet table ideas
Laptop Pallet Table
pallet laptop table

Pallet Kitchen Table
pallet kitchen ideas
Pallet Sofa
pallet sofa
Pallet Bench
pallet bench
Pallet Patio

pallet ideas

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